Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Room Painting Ideas for Girls

Pink: Girls are closely associated with pink color. No survey is needed to know the fact that majority of girls have pink-colored walls in their room. The shades may differ but it ultimately boils down to a color which is mixed with pink. This color symbolizes warmth, comfort, sensuality and beauty. All these feelings are intimately related to feminism. Physical effects of pink are that it helps the muscles to relax.

Green: Green is the second most popular choice among girls. Green is serene and cool. Though green symbolizes the feeling of jealousy, it means differently in a color scheme for painting the walls of a girl's room. Girls who love to be outdoors, specially in the shadow of nature, prefer to have green-colored walls. Other representations of the color green are cautiousness and prosperity. Green has proved to be good for the heart. Green helps to relax the muscles and causes slow and deep breathing.

Yellow: Those who like their room to be bright can paint the walls yellow. Yellow color reflects the light and brightens the room. It symbolizes the sun hence, relates to brightness and warmth. In some cultures, yellow is the color of cowardice and deceit while some cultures think exactly opposite; to them it symbolizes courage. Being close to white, it can also mean peace. However, many girls find it cheerful, just like themselves and prefer painting their room walls with this 'cheese-y' colors. Yellow's physiological effect is that it stimulates the brain and makes you more alert and decisive.

Blue: Though classified as the color of guys, it is also used by girls since it is the color of the sky and the sea which together symbolizes infinity and calmness. It represents softness, health and understanding. Darker shades represent knowledge, power, royalty and independence. Serious and strong-minded girls prefer this color on the walls of their room. Blue color lowers blood pressure by creating a cooling and soothing effect. It also regulates the sleep pattern.

Red: Red is a very strong color that is a universal symbol for blood and anger. For girls, it represents red roses and consequently love. Due to its vibrant nature, it is not opted by many girls for their room. However, those who absolutely love red, use it in combination with some other light colors. Red causes the strength and stamina to increase.

White: A universal symbol for peace, it is the color of purity. Purity is a sign of feminism, so, many like to go with this color. Keeping this color as the background, many different designs and styles can be drawn over it, using brighter colors. White drives away feelings of shock and grief. It gives a feeling of openness and freedom.