Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Asian Inspired Bedroom

Color Scheme
It's fun to add colors to the bedroom when you are working out an Asian home decor. All those dark shades which you kept wondering about, to have your walls colored in, can be used now. Red and gold are the best colors to have an Asian inspired bedroom. Dominant red with a border or some stylish stripes of golden can give a dramatic look to your bedroom. Finishing the look with off-white furnishing with golden or red prints is a great idea. You can also have that lush green or softer green to have a cool effect. Again a yellow and green combo will look superb. Another wonderful idea to design Asian inspired bedroom is to have red and black or red and beige color scheme. Believe me, this looks just awesome. It will give a lively feel to the bedroom. Having semi-transparent red and black striped floor to ceiling curtains is a good idea.

Bed being the focal part of the bedroom decor, the bedding essential needs to go with the theme. So, having an asian inspired bedding needs no mention. This comes in frilly and lacy patterns and gives an extremely lavish look. Repetitive prints or block prints and motif designs are much popular in this bedding style. Geometrical patterns will be the best choice to give a unique touch to the bedroom. Cream, black, brown, green, red are the colors that go well with the Asian style bedding. Silk, satin and brocade fabrics are commonly used in this style of bedding. Whatever colors and prints you choose in these, they are sure to add the 'luxury' element to the bedroom.

Asian furniture is generally low and that comes in dark colors. Black and earthy brown are the best tones to have in the Asian themed bedroom. You can also opt for bamboo furniture, that is perfect Asian inspired furniture. If you have green colored walls you can have this bamboo furniture to add pale yellow or earthy brown tinge to the room. You can have very dark brown colored wooden cabinets and wall shelves to match the red and black color scheme. You can also add off-white cabinets to balance the dark tones. Getting Asian inspired bedroom sets is a wonderful idea. These will have classic beds, cabinets, side tables, wardrobes and dressing tables, all perfectly matching the theme and with each other, as well.