Saturday, July 16, 2011

Palmistry - Life Line

Palmistry is a common practice that deals with the interpretation of past life and prediction of future life by examining the palm. Also known by alternative names, such as palm reading, chirology and chiromancy, this art form can be traced back to ancient times, with its origin in India. Those who have an expertise in this art are known as palmists, palm readers or chirologists. They evaluate palmer features including lines, mounds and intersections in detail to analyze the forthcoming achievements and major events of a person.

In the art of palm reading, there are 3 major lines (found in everybody's palm) and other minor lines. Palm lines that are given more priority by chirologists are line of life, line of heart, line of fate, line of head, line of health and line of marriage. Each of these lines originate and end in a particular section of the palm. Also, the shape, pattern, breaks, forks, length, thickness, etc. of the lines are different, according to which future prediction is done. In this article, we will take a look at the most debatable line in palmistry - life line.

Life Line in Palmistry: Explained

The interpretations of palmistry, life line and other lines may vary according to various school of thoughts and cultures. So, is the technique of reading palm. Like for example, some palmists practice the method of reading the dominant palm (commonly used hand); while others use right hand for men and left hand for women, irrespective of dominant side. Some of the interesting points regarding life line in palm reading are listed below:

Life Line Origin: Life line is a primary palm line present in nearly all hands. In rare cases, it is absent that suggests nervousness in most of the times. It starts at the edge of the palm, between the thumb and index finger (or, more precisely above the thumb) and extends towards the wrist in the shape of an arc. The length, number of lines and shape of life line differ from one individual to another. Read more on palmistry: diagram of hand.

Life Line Interpretation: In palmistry, line line reveals the vigor and vitality of a person. Hence, many a times, it is also referred to as paternal line or age line. By studying the life line, a palmist can tell about the well being, general health, physical injuries and major health problems (if any) of a person. Also, it unveils his/her major life changes, relocations and cataclysmic events. Know more on marriage and lifeline.

Life Line Length: Many people believe in the correlation between length of the life line and life expectancy. According to their logic, an individual with a long life line will live for more years than those having a short life line. However, as per modern palmistry, life line length is not at all related to the length of an individual's life. Read on learn how to read palms.

Life Line Meanings: A long life line is a sign of good health and well being; while a deep line represents a smooth, trouble free life. In case of a faint life line, it is quite likely that the person has low energy and stamina. A life line with chains suggests a sensitive health and that of a straight line unveils problems in relationships. Breaks or islands in the length of the life line indicate worst events in life. Check out Chinese palm reading.