Saturday, July 16, 2011

Learn Palmistry

Step 1
The easiest way to learn palmistry hand analysis is to take up a palmistry class. If you have no clue about palmistry, a class will get you started and teach you the basics, which you will find very handy when you begin learning on your own at a later stage. Usually, new age stores conduct such kind of classes. So, you can sign up for them and learn about this wondrous ancient science. While at the classes, network and make friends with the fellow students, as you can always share knowledge and updates on palmistry with them, during the course of the classes and even after they end

Step 2
Once you know the basics of how to read palm lines, such as which hand to read, the names of the various lines and mounts, the different shape of the lines, their interpretations, etc., you can start studying palmistry at home itself. Go to a bookstore and get hold of some good books on palmistry. Choose the books of renowned publishing houses as these are more accurate and trustworthy. Another thing to keep in mind is to choose books with pictures, examples and which give stepwise instructions on how to read hands. This will make it simpler for you to learn palm reading. Also, these days, the Internet has opened lots of avenues for you to learn palmistry online. If you search carefully, you will find many websites which offer courses on palmistry, albeit for a fee. Make sure you always check the reliability of such sites before joining the courses they offer. Then there are e-books on palmistry available too for you to study from.

Step 3
Once you feel that you have gained a considerable amount of knowledge, practice it on your close buddies and family members. See whether you can make some accurate predictions, based on your knowledge of palm reading. If you can, it shows that you are on the right path. So, keep on making efforts, practice more, read as many hands as you can, at your college, office or at parties and social occasions. In short, apply your knowledge as much as you can, to retain it and enhance it even more