Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Popular Bedroom Colors

Popular Bedroom Colors numerous options while you choose popular paint colors for bedrooms. While bedrooms are amongst those areas of your house where you spend maximum time, these are designed and decorated with proper planning. So picking a color for these is quite important and the choice of person using this room needs to be taken into consideration. Remember that colors make a huge difference in appearance of a space. Like a complete white room, might look dull but definitely looks huge and spacious

the Vibrant Touch
Search for popular bedroom wall colors and you are sure to get some hot shades to cover the walls. Vibrant wall paint colors like violet, purple, hot red, crimson, maroon, emerald blue, emerald green, bright orange and fresh yellow can create an energetic looking space. If you want to color your room in bright shades you can choose to have classic combos of red and ivory, yellow and orange, light green and yellow, gray and yellow ochre, maroon and gray. Remember that you can create a vibrant effect with such shades by using them just for 1-2 walls as well. You can simply use these for focal walls and pillar with a neutral shade and add vibrant furnishings matching paint colors to have a lively bedroom ready.

Create a Cool Ambiance
If you love cool colors and want to pick one of the popular bedroom colors, go for the soft shades. Shades that give your rooms a cool appearance are the ones which you need to choose. Such shades include sage, ivory, light chocolate, wine, dark brown, which are amongst the most popular master bedroom colors as well. You can also opt for baby pink or light blue color. Especially while coloring a boy's room, many go for the blue and the soft pinks are a staple for girls rooms. With lovely design patterns, you can make these colors look even more beautiful. Well, abstract prints for boys room and feminine prints for girls room can make the walls look ideal.

Neutrals for All
For those who don't want the vibrant colors or calm colors, neutrals remain the best alternative. Neutral shades offer versatility than any other interior paint colors. While other popular paint colors are quite prominent and demand properly matching and complimenting room decor, neutrals are easier to work on. With neutral shades you can easily blend other colors present in the home decor. So colors like white and beige are amongst the most popular bedroom colors. You can also consider ocean blue, light yellow ocher, moonlight, tranquil green and other such shades.