Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bedroom Decorating Theme

Traditional Ritzy
The traditional ritzy style is one of the bedroom decorating themes that captures the classic polished look that spells comfort and luxury. The colors needed are warm and bold. To create this look you should have bedroom color schemes with colors like wood brown, reds, purple, beige etc. Have some neutral colors to play down the bold warm colors, otherwise the room may just turn out looking gaudy. Depending on where you decide to have your warm colors, your decor items will vary accordingly. For example if you decide to have neutral colored walls, then you can pick linen in warm colors, the bedroom furniture in the room can have strong dark colors. Try an imagine a white walled room, with a red bed spread, with brownish black furniture, the floor carpeted in a strong bold pattern in red, with some white table lamps, neutral chandelier shades and silver decorative ornaments. There you go, the perfect traditional ritzy room is ready.

Contemporary Zest
The contemporary zest is one of the bedroom decorating themes for those who love the modern designs and style. To create this look pick either one color and pay with its various shades or you can choose two or three colors to decorate the room. So let's say , you pick green as one of the painting ideas for bedrooms , now you can have the bedroom walls in a nice shade of light green, to play down the wall paint you can have a darker shade of green as one of the curtain ideas for bedrooms. Choose different textures in green for decorating items and choose a neutral color for the bedspread. You can have the same color for the furniture like sofas, then you can add green cushions to spice up the room. If you have a big window which opens to a garden, make the use of the colors similar to those in the line of view from the window for decorating master bedroom. This way you can steal a part of the outdoors for your private indoor space.

Tomorrow's Suave
The tomorrow's suave is a design concept, where the bedroom decorating themes are set using bland and nude shades like white, beige, light pink along with elements of strong contrasting colors and bare minimal interior decoration to create a clutter free space. So let's say you have creme colored walls with crisp white bedspreads and similar colored night lamp shades. Your flooring too can be cream colored. For this style one of the best decorating ideas for bedrooms would be to pick any strong color for your curtains like blue, red, purple, or yellow but use simple sleek fabrics. Then add an element of design by playing up your headboard or wall decorations. You can pick a wall hanging, or pick an art piece or sculpture of contemporary art. There you go, you have a bedroom decorating theme inspired by modern trends.