Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bedroom Ideas for Young Women

Wall Color: Let us begin with wall colors. Some typical bedroom wall color ideas for young women are soft pink or pastel color. However, if you do not like them, you can stay away from them. Opt for some more deeper colors like red, green, blue, purple, etc. to add some dramatic effect to the walls. If you feel that such dark colors have an overwhelming visual effect, then you can use them as an accent color on one wall and use lighter shades on the rest of the walls. For further decoration of the walls and ceiling stencils of various designs can be used. Faux finish is another excellent way to add a new dimension to the walls.

Bedroom Furniture: The bedroom furniture needed for young women are a desk in one corner of the room to keep the computer, a full-sized bed, a cabinet for their files, storage bins and a number of comfortable sitting furniture like sofas and bean bag chairs where they can hang out with their friends. You do not have to go for some expensive, branded furniture for the bedroom of young women. Rather, the furniture should have a more casual look and serve their practical purposes. The furniture should be small in size and light in weight so that they can move them aside quite easily whenever they feel like practicing some dance moves. You can go and buy such furniture from thrift stores and resale stores, paint them or stain them with attractive colors and place them in right position.

Bedroom Furnishings: These are important to add some softness to the overall bedroom decoration. Furnishings include bedspread, blankets, curtains, draperies, etc. Keep the colors and designs of all these furnishings simple but they should be well coordinated with the color of the walls. The choice of fabrics should be cotton or silk as they have a rich texture. Include furry blankets on the bed and colorful throw pillows of unusual shapes on the sofas. Keep a number of area rugs of various colors and unique shapes on the floors.

Bedroom Accessories: Young women love to put up so many pictures, postcards and posters on their bedroom walls. However, care should be taken that one should not add too many of these items and end up giving a cluttered look to the walls. Instead of putting the posters and picture directly on the walls, they can be framed in a well decorated frames to improve their visual appeal. A mirror with a nice, decorative frame is also a must in a young woman's bedroom. Keep one wall completely free from all kinds of accessories in order to avoid a cluttered look. To create a romantic ambiance for the room, add candles, aromatherapy oil burners, low-light lamps, etc. Flowers and houseplants makes one feel closer to the nature.