Saturday, July 16, 2011

Palm Reading Guide

Guide to Palm Reading

There are basically four major lines when it comes to palm reading. These are the life line, head line, heart line and fate line. The curve, the crookedness and the nature of the line are believed to determine how our life is going to turn out. Here is more on those lines (pun intended!). In addition to this, the type of hand also contributes majorly when it comes to palm reading.

Life Line: This is by far the most important line of the palm. This line depicts how long we are going to live and how our life is going to be. It also tells us about a person's vitality. Life line is like the base camp with the help of which you can identify all other lines. Normally, life line swooping down till about an inch or so above the base of our palm portrays around a life expectancy of 70 years for women and around 65 for men. This line begins at the edge of the palm, between the index finger and thumb. Extending across the middle of the palm, it wraps around the thumb's base. If the life line is deep and long, it represents a healthy life. A double or triple lifeline shows that there are many positive forces around you. On the contrary a chained line can be an indicator of several health problems. A doughnut or a circle between the line, points to hospitalization on account of an accident.

Head Line: The small Grey cells come into the picture with the head line. It depicts your intelligence. It starts just above the life line, between the thumb and the index finger, stretching horizontally across the palm. Along with intelligence, this line shows your beliefs, philosophy, attitude and approach towards life. If the head line and life line are joined at the beginning, it depicts that your mental faculties normally have an upper edge over your physical ones. While if the head line is wavy, then you might have a tendency of a short attention span, coupled with an absence of deep thinking. But this would not affect your intellect. If you have a star on your head line, it is a representation of a significant intellectual or mental achievement. As far as palm reading guide is concerned, you cannot miss this line.

Heart Line: How I love the matters of the heart! No kidding here folks, because this is the line which decides how we will fare in 'hearty affairs'. This line is located above the head line and extends horizontally across the palm. It either begins below the index or the middle finger, going up till the edge of the palm, on the side of the little finger. Normally a content love life and stable emotional affairs are reflected by a line starting below the index finger. A short line gives the impression that the person is not interested in love and other emotions. However, even though the line is short, but is deep, the affectionate part of the individual is very stable. On the contrary, if the line is curved, the person is believed to be pleasant, romantic and full of warmth.

Fate Line: People call it the the line of luck or the line of destiny. It starts in the middle of the palm, close to the wrist, traveling towards the base of the finger. It portrays the impact of the external factors, like society, events happening around you on your life. The stronger the line, the more there is a chance that you are a destiny's child. The number of breaks on this line indicate that there are many changes in your life as a result of uncontrollable circumstances. A joined life line and fate line will show that an individual is self' made. If the line starts at the base of the thumb, rest assured that you have a good support system of your family and friends.

Minor Lines: The above lines are crucial when it comes to palm reading guide. Now there are some minor lines apart from these. These are lines of opposition, intuition, influence and escape. The line of opposition is on the outer side of the palm, between the head and the heart lines. It is an indicator of the opposing forces in our life, that we need to tackle. The line of intuition is again found on the outer side of the palm, illustrating a strong insight and having this line tells us that an individual is extremely sensitive and intuitive. For more on palm reading, check out how to read palms.