Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Decorating Ideas for Bedrooms

Fiddle with Furniture: One of the easiest ideas for giving your bedroom a face lift is to move the bedroom furniture. Move the position of your bed and preferably, don’t place it against a wall. Place it against the corner. Just shuffle the furniture and you will be amazed to realize how spacious your room could look and become! This does not cost you anything!

Color Another great idea to decorate your bedroom is to change the look of the most noticeable thing in a room- the walls. Change the color of the bedroom walls. Give a jazzy color to your bedroom walls. These days you get a lot of innovative options when it comes to paints. There paints when applied give a floral or linear touch to the walls. Better still, use nice wallpaper for your bedroom walls. By wallpaper I do not mean the computer one!

Tuck ‘em up: If the walls of your bedroom are empty, adorn them with Van Gogh paintings. Oops, I know that’s a bit too much to ask unless, you are Bill Gates or the likes! But you can surely decorate your empty walls with general paintings, photographs or any other art work which can be put up on walls. This will give your room a refreshing look. This is another cost-effective decorating idea, do if you are probably on a shoestring budget, this is a great option. This is one of the most easiest and less time consuming decorating ideas for bedrooms.

Environmentally Yours: Deck up your bedroom with houseplants. If you think you can’t take proper care of the plants, then get a hold of a pretty vase. Get some flowers- plastic or real. See what suits you. If you keep the house plants, it will help keep the air around fresh. So that would be a better choice than keeping the flowers as the real flowers will wilt and they will have to be replaced every now and then.

Light it up: To make the bedroom look different, install wall sconces of your choice to give the bedroom either a contemporary, rustic, colonial or a Victorian feel. There are really pretty ones available with intricate designs nowadays. Set up a wall sconce near your bed or your writing desk or your vanity corner. It will be a lovely idea to have wall sconce directly over your dressing table which will throw a faint light on your face