Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bedroom Wall Painting Ideas

The color of the bedroom wall depends upon the kind of mood that you are looking for inside the bedroom. It should also be well-coordinated with the bedroom furniture, overall bedroom decoration and other accessories. Different colors set different moods for the bedroom. Various shades of blue and green are the most preferred colors for the bedroom. This is because they have a soothing effect on our mind. Another color that has a similar comforting impact on your mind is taupe. You can use a combination of taupe with black or dark, and make pinstripes on one of the walls to get a better effect.

Orange color has its own vibrancy and it signifies a happy mood. It will be a good choice particularly for the kids' bedroom. In this case, keep the color of your accessories either dark green or blue. The colors to be avoided on the bedroom walls are red, lime and black. Black makes the room look less spacious and gives a depressing mood. Whereas red color gives too much of excitement and restlessness which is not suitable for the bedroom. Yellow is also a good choice because of its warmth and brightness.When you are painting a bedroom wall it is not necessary that you have to use one single color. You can use your creative ideas and use different colors on different walls. You can choose different shades of the same color and use them on different walls. Some popular color combinations for the bedrooms are brown and blue, pink and aqua blue, lavender and lilac, white and blue, etc. If you use brown and blue together on the bedroom wall, it gives a spa like effect in your bedroom. The wall behind the bed gets maximum attention. So try to use a different color on this particular wall. If you are using soft shades of purple as your bedroom wall paint, then a yellow border near the ceiling can add a lot of dramatic effect