Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bedroom Layout Ideas

Bed Layouts
The first thing you have to take care about arranging in a small or master bedroom layout is the bed. There are many ways you can arrange your bed even if there is not enough space for a full size double bed. Ideas like built-ins, convertibles and bunk beds are always useful to use this limited space smartly. If you have a main wall where you are planning to accommodate your bed, the best choice for a double bed would be a convertible which can be pulled out whenever required. These beds are very convenient and take up very little space, so you can use it for other purposes. If you are designing you children's room, loft beds would be perfect for a small bedroom, and if the wall where the bed is placed is high enough, you can also have a built in bed. It's always nice to have the room furniture layout next to a window in the room, as it adds to the simplicity.

Closets and Wardrobes
This is also an important part in planning these bedroom layout ideas for small rooms. Wardrobes for small bedrooms are larger than closets and therefore, when they are built into the walls, they can provide enough storage space. Closets however are smaller and more compact, they work great if the room is for kids. There is no need to have these storage outside the wall depressions as they will only cause unnecessary wastage of space, therefore there are slots made in the walls of rooms for this purpose. The doors can be sliding to save opening space, if the room is very small. You can also have a mirror on these doors, for convenience purposes, and the interior can have separate shelves for shoes, clothes, jewelry, etc. People also like to have their bedroom layouts in order with the feng shui bedroom layouts as they believe in having the right layouts for each article in the room.

Once the main bedroom furniture in the room is all set, the small bedroom layout is more than half completed. The remaining are the accessories like your study table, side tables, drawers, a chair, desktop/laptop, etc. You will need a table, hence getting a built in table which can be folded back into the wall after you use it, can be a great idea. This is also convenient if you have a laptop as you won't need to set it up, unlike for a desktop. But if you have a desktop which you want to accommodate inside the room itself, you can have a small wooden table, built adjacent to the wall, with shelves on the upper sides. You can then start decorating small bedrooms and accessorize them in a way you want, once you have sketched out this layout plan.