Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bedroom Colors and Moods

Energetic Red
The bright colors that creates an energizing feeling are best ones to go for if you want to have your walls look lively. Red is one such hue that is known to increase blood circulation and give an energetic feel to the rooms where it is used. This can be an ideal pick for bedrooms of youngsters. Apart from bedrooms, rooms where you have the entertainment systems placed in or the game rooms can be colored in this hue. What's more, red and white creates a classic combo, and is also one of the popular bedroom color combination. However, use of red wall paint color must be avoided for babies room's. Those who want to invigorate the bedrooms can grab the hot tones of red. Of course, red tops the list of romantic bedroom colors!

Cooling Green
When you are searching for hints on bedroom colors and moods, most of you would like to know about a hue that will create a cool and soft mood. You must check out the tones of green in this case. Greens create a cool ambiance and offer the best ones to have your bedroom turned into a soothing and relaxing space. Sage is one of the most popular tone of greens used in interior painting. One of the best interior painting color ideas for cool bedroom colors and moods is to get a combo of sage and ivory. You can also have tones of olive which are extremely calming bedroom colors and ideal picks for adults bedrooms. Bedrooms for elderly people can also be painted in shades of tranquil olive green.

Creative Purple
Purple is a color that stimulates the creativity part of your brain. It is an intense color which inspires, suggests royalty and femininity. The tones of purple and violet as well can make the best bedroom colors for girls rooms. This colors is also popularity used for hobby rooms and forms ultimate hue for the focal walls of art loving people. This is one of the most decorative shade which can convert a boring space into a glamorous area. Purple bedroom colors and moods they create are most suitable for girls bedrooms. One of the classic bedroom color schemes can be a contrast of purple and gray.

Cheerful Yellow
Yellow is a flashy shade. No matter which tone of yellow you use it instantly grabs the attention. If you want bright bedroom colors and moods, along with cheerful ambiance and illusion of space, then yellow is the right pick. Lightest yellow can also be one of the best bedroom colors for men. This color is not at all boring shade and keeps up the mood. Also, a right combination with warm shades like orange can create an ultimate looking space for men. Those searching for colors to create flashy walls can pick the brighter shades of yellow. A combo of gray and yellow ocher is sure to create an attention seeking space.

Neutral Gray and Beige
If you are really not sure about the shades to use in your bedroom colors for your room, neutral shades are best picks. Shades of gray and beige are those which have a neutral effect on the ambiance of your room. These are fresh and classy. Not too bright, not too flashy and not at all hot, these shades are safest picks for those who are not sure about their own likes, dislikes and choices about colors. With right contrasts and combos, you can play up the interiors using these shades from the color palette.