Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bathroom Planning

Until recently, more attention was given to the living rooms or kitchen in house design, as these traditionally serve a much more social function than the bathroom. Yet the very purpose of the bathroom means that it should be one of the most appealing rooms in your house - being a place to get ready for the day ahead, or to relax in after a stressful one. This means that it should not be a cold and badly decorated room, but instead a warm and luxurious haven within your house. Sometimes it will not take much to change your bathroom into such an inviting place; a simple change of colour, and perhaps the addition of a large mirror, the right heating and lighting can make it perfect without having to completely renovate the room. If a larger overhaul is needed, then make sure that you take the right steps to create a bathroom that is both practical and appealing.

First try looking around various shops and also utilise the internet, as this will help you to decide upon a design that you like. Keep in mind things such as the tile or paint colour you may wish to use for the room, and how this might affect your choice of suite, as well as thinking about the different finishes that you’d like to incorporate.