Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bedroom Wall Designs

cool bedroom wall designs to give the room a totally novel look. Do you find pyramids and Egyptian architecture exciting? You can paint your bedroom walls with a golden color to give it an Egyptian air. Enhance the feel by painting Egyptian images or even murals on the walls. If you have a lot of space, then you can go in for a Roman or a Greek theme. Actually, both use the same element, columns. If black or scarlet color (quite uncommon for walls) is your favorite shade, then you can go in for the Gothic theme.There are many exciting wall designs for a bedroom that can be achieved using a combination of colors. Before selecting your bedroom wall color, there are several factors to be kept in mind. Choose a color that matches your personality, like if you are calm and peace-loving, then go in for neutral, soothing colors. But this doesn't mean that you restrict yourself to whites or creams. Your new choice can be a shade of gray or the color of sand, which are also soothing colors. You can take your pick from the earthy color palette like light brown, pale orange or shades of green and yellow. Brown evokes thoughts about one's family, orange is a color that makes people happy, while yellow has a positive effect on a person's psychology, but the effect lasts for a short time. You may also not like yellow for long periods. Tints of pink and blue, when used in contrasts, are popular kids bedroom wall designs. Purple is a good choice, but go for blue or green as they are colors of nature. Moreover, they stimulate peace and tranquility. Avoid red, though the color is exciting, it makes you aggressive. Read more on the power of colors and their meanings.Faux finish painting adds custom look to the bedroom walls. Glazing, sponging, and metallic effect are the few unique techniques of faux wall painting. To give your wall a metallic finish, buy a roller and metallic paint. Roll the paint onto the wall, paint the wall with satin or semi gloss base coat of the same shade of the paint. You can also draw alternate stripes or can draw different geometric shapes. For glaze finish, apply a base coat of same shade to the walls and after it is dried, apply glaze paint. You can be innovative by applying an interesting effect to the wall, if you comb or drag while the glaze is wet. Sponging is one of the most easiest faux painting. Apply a base coat and wait till it dries. Take a damp sponge and pour the sponging color. Blot the excessive color from sponge and then, apply the sponge all over the wall surface randomly. Read more faux painting tips.
decorating your bedroom is wallpapers. You can cover the wall exactly behind the header of the bed, with wallpaper. There is a wide variety of wallpapers available in the market. If you are a nature lover, go for some scenery. Wallpaper designs like polka dots, will add a modern touch to your bedroom walls. Latest trend is photo wallpapers like landscapes, historical pictures etc. It is an innovative way to add style to your bedroom.
Wall decoration is an art. It is not necessary to have the same color on all the walls. If you have a partner and both of you do not agree on a single color, then you can go in for a combination of the colors. But, the combination has to be a contrast, rather than combining two colors like black and white. You can have a dark color on one wall and its contrasting color on the remaining three walls. If you have a bedroom in which there is ample amount of sunlight coming in, then color the wall that reflects the sunlight with a different color. You will find your wall shows off different shades, as the sunlight varies.