Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The New Marathi Movie of Janma | Upcoming Movie of Janma|

The Marathi movie of ‘Janma’ is the story of very attractive, thus story in mother is fighting for her daughter’s life. Reema plays a divorcee mother with her only daughter being struck by blood cancer.

Reema tries hard to find a matching stem cells and bone marrow for her daughter but is unable to find the same. However, a kind hearted doctor advises that only her blood offspring can have the matching stem cells. So she seeks the help of a gynecologist who advises her against pregnancy as she is already fifty but the distraught mother even convinces her former husband for artificial insemination and she succeeds to beget a child with matching stem cells to save her daughter’s life.

This movie in presentors of Kajalkiran Kanakdhara Films,producers of Tapan Acharya, Kajal Kiran, story writting by the Anand Mhasvekar

The movie in the cast of :-Veena jamkar, Reema lagoo, Ashok Shinde, Arun Nalawade, Sanjay Mone, smita talwalkar, Ajaay Nikte and Varsha Usgaonkar

It is greatly story of movie "Janma".