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SPLICE New Upcoming Mvie In 2010 Download Movie, Photo

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Splice is a 2010 science fiction film directed by Vincenzo Natali and starring Adrien Brody and Sarah Polley, who portray two young scientists and lovers who begin involving human DNA in their splicing of animal genes


* Adrien Brody as Clive
* Sarah Polley as Elsa
* David Hewlett as Barlow
* Amanda Brugel as Melinda Finch
* Delphine Chanéac as Dren
* Abigail Chu as Young Dren
* Brandon McGibbon as Gavin
* Stephanie Baird as Elsa / PD

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Directed by:- Vincenzo Natali
Produced by :- Steve Hoban,Guillermo Del Toro
Written by :- Screenplay:Vincenzo Natali,Doug Taylor,Antoinette Terry Bryant
Music by:- Cyrille Aufort
Cinematography:- Tetsuo Nagata
Editing by :- Michele Conroy
Studio;- Copperheart Entertainment/Gaumont
Distributed by;- Dark Castle Entertainment via Warner Bros. Pictures
Release Date:- 4June

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