Sunday, May 15, 2011

Monday's Man: Tab Hunter

The hubby is currently working his way through the literary canon of Gay Hollywood.  He's read bios of Sal Mineo, Rock Hudson, Elizabeth Taylor (not gay, but all her friends were), Judy Garland (really, do I have to explain why she's on this list?), Farley Granger, and Tab Hunter Confidential.  
The title comes from the notorious Confidential magazine which threatened to expose Tab just when his star was rising in Hollywood.  It seems that before he was Tab, young Arthur Gelien was arrested on a morals charge when an all boy pajama party he attended was raided.  What could be more innocent than an all boy PJ party?  His agent, Henry Willson, who also discovered Rock Hudson and many other 50s hunks, called in all his tabs (forgive me) to keep his star off the cover. 

Here he is with some vintage beefcake in the 1956 classic, The Girl He Left Behind.  After getting a load of that bear in line in front of him, no wonder she got left behind. 
Here he is looking less than comfy with "girlfriend" Natalie Wood.  They were actually close friends. 
Here he is looking a bit more natural with friend and roommate Roddy McDowell.  How do you like your sausage, Roddy?

Tab worked with some of Hollywood's greatest leading ladies, but when asked about them, he always praises my favorite; the star of Polyester and Lust in the Dust, the late, great Divine.

A pair of classics.