Thursday, May 26, 2011

Back Home!

Hello beauties! I am back home after this short but wonderful holiday. Nicola (my boyfriend) and I were in a gorgeous place where we relaxed and celebrated his birthday. I must confess that it has been very strange to live for 5 days without phone, computer and television, but it has been an amazing experience! My mind now is completely free and my spirit is full of energy to look at the world through different shades of colors. But now I'am back at work, so I run fast out of the house looking for new fabrics for my collection. 
Thank you for your support, your lovely comments have been a great source of joy!!!
Happy Thursday!

 Vintage Leather Jacket 
H&M Grey Top 
Intimissimi Ivory Tank 
Vintage Clutch 
Lace Socks 
Silkò Shoes