Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Huckster is Out

Today, Pastor Governor Mike "I'm not an extremist because I play bass and I'm folksy" Huckabee announced that he has opted to keep his Fox "News" paychecks coming instead of running for president.  That leaves the GOP field looking more and more like anybody who can possibly win is waiting until 2016.  Let's see, who's left?  There's Mitt "Romneycare funds abortion" Romney, Tim "please don't fall asleep while I'm talking" Pawlenty, Michelle "Lexington and Concord are in Iowa" Bachmann, Herman "I should be president because I talked back to President Clinton one time in 1990something, remember?" Cain, Rick "don't Google my name...please" Santorum, Newt "I committed adultry and divorced my wives over and over again because I love America so much; no really, I actually said that" Gingrich, and...and...and...