Monday, June 6, 2011

Congresman Weiner Confesses

New York Congressman Anthony Weiner today admitted that he did, in fact tweet a crotch shot to a young woman in Seattle.  It turns out that he has sent naughty pics, emails, tweets, and phone calls to about six women over the past few years, and did not stop when he recently married.  Professional slimeball Andrew Breitbart published the shirtless (and impressive) pics of the Congressman today and appears to have actually gotten one right, which really galls the shit out of me.  Weiner announced that he is not resigning, which seems smart since his actions, though incredibly stupid and disloyal to his wife, pale in comparison to those of politicians like Vitter and Craig who stayed in office.  If Weiner is telling the whole story (and why wouldn't he), he never actually met any of the women he e-flirted with.  As political sex scandals go, this one's pretty flacid.*  Here's the emotional Weiner's* statement:


So what do you think, New Yorkers?  Has he derailed his chance to be mayor?

*Forgive me.  At least I didn't go as far as Slog.