Monday, June 13, 2011

Broadway, It's Not Just For Gays Anymore!

It's my Tony Awards live blog!  OK, it's really live note-taking/stream of unconsciousness, but here are my thoughts as the night was happening:

Let's see, champagne?  Check.  Pizza?  Check.  Guests?  Check.  We're ready for the Tonys! 

It's "Teen Heartthrob" Neil Patrick Harris!  His opening number kills!  We're all doing champagne spit takes. 

"Attention every breeder, it's OK to go to the theater." 
"It's not just for gays anymore." 
"No sodomy required!"

Celebrities in the audience are very game with their little bits.  Brooke Shields gets it out, finally.

Alec Baldwin - hot in a beard.  First award, Featured actress in a play and it's Ellen Barkin for The Norman Heart.  She looks beautiful in age-appropriate yet sexy black lace. It's wonderful to see this play recognized.

The How to Succeed in Business guys, Robert Morse and Matthew Broderick, introduce a scene from the nominated musical.

Daniel Radcliffe is totally game.  He's really not much of a singer, God bless him.  You can really see that he works hard.

Why are they giving so much time to John Leguizamo to pitch his show?

Viola Davis is spectacular in Lavender.  She's introducing featured actor in a play and it's North Texas' own John Benjamin Hickey for The Normal Heart!  He looks gorgeous.  I'll just say it.  The man is hot.  He thanks his partner.  Nice.  Gives a shout out to Plano, TX.  He says his family better not be watching the Mavericks game.  A few people in the audience laugh, most have no idea what he's talking about.  

And we're doing a scene from Catch Me If You Can.

Aaron Tveit really should have been nominated.  Norbet Leo Butz is a big star.

Commercial break and Wes wants to change the channel to check the score in the Mavericks game.  There's a Mavericks game on?  Who knew?  OK Wes, but make it snappy.  If I miss Best Featured Actress in a Musical I won't be happy.

Anything Goes wins choreography.  Well deserved, Kathleen Marshall.

 David Hyde Pierce gives Best Director of a Musical to Book of Mormon.  They're on their way to the big prize. 
Best Director of a Play is War Horse.  Are they on their way to the big prize?

Don Cheadle introduces The Scottsboro Boys who are amazing.

Angela Lansbury is a vision in black.

Gorgeous Harry Connick, Jr. presents Best Featured Actress in a Musical to Nikki M. James of the Book of Mormon.  She's over the moon!  I love it when they're genuinely excited.  She should be, there was some amazing talent in that field including Miss LuPone herself.

Fellow South Carolinian Steven Colbert introduces a scene from The Book of Mormon.  Cute Andrew Rannells singing I Believe.  I believe too, Andrew!

Hugh Jackman and NPH on stage together.  What a couple of pros.  What a couple of hotties.

Brook Shields in the Addams Family?  I can buy it.

Featured Actor in a Musical goes to John Larroquette.  Adam Godley of Anything Goes was robbed!  Larroquette also beat out cute Rory O'Malley of The Book of Mormon, but Rory's handsome date looks like much more than a consolation prize.  The two talented Scottsboro Boys went home empty handed.  This win leaves me scratching my head.  It seems to be a show business rule that if John Larroquette is nominated for something, he's going to win. 

Bono and The Edge try desperately to promote Spiderman introduce a scene from Spiderman.  Peter Parker and Mary Jane are in the air singing a love song straight out of 1975.  "Don't think about tomorrow, we've only got tonight."  My God, what a cliche.  This really doesn't inspire me to go see the show.

It's Jim Parsons.  Wait a minute, I thought Broadway wasn't just for gays anymore?

Robin Williams is on stage with a truly awesome beard.  "The only beard here is on my face."  Not a bad line.

Book of a musical goes to The Book of Morman.  Trey Parker and Matt Stone are really cute.

WTF is Whoopi wearing?  I suppose it wouldn't be Whoppi if she was glammed up.  She introduces a rousing number from Sister Act.

Best Revival of a Play is being presented by handsome Patrick Wilson, soon to be seen in a new show on CBS.  Sheer coincidence, I'm sure.  The winner is The Normal Heart.  "Freedom to love, freedom to live, freedom to marry."  Very nice.  Then, Larry Kramer puts a tear in every eye with "Our day will come."

Memphis is still running?

Priscilla Queen of the Desert wins Best Costume.  Who else could compete with that?  Lizzy Gardiner doesn't wear an American Express dress.

The Dan Savage/It Gets Better/Google Chrome spot always chokes me up.

That was part one, folks.  More to follow.  I've got to go put the dog out!

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