Thursday, June 23, 2011

Once a Quitter (cont.)

Sarah Palin wants America to know that her bus tour to restore America's Greatness or whatever is NOT CANCELLED!  Sure, she's sitting in Wasilla and not visiting the Inspiring Great Historical Sights of America's Greatness and Liberty, but the tour's totally not cancelled.  Don't even think this pronouncement has anything to do with bad publicity.  She's totally going to get back on the bus.  Soon.  Really.  She's not a quitter, got it?    

In other news, her upcoming trip to Sudan has been cancelled due to "scheduling conflicts."  By "scheduling conflicts," I mean somebody showed her Sudan on a map.  She was supposed to travel there with Franklin Graham and Greta van Susteren because if there's anything that war-torn country needs it's Sarah Palin, Franklin Graham and Greta van Susteren.