Monday, June 13, 2011

Tonys Live Blog Part Two!

And I'm back!  The dog has been put out and we're back to my Tony Awards stream of unconsciousness.  Now, where were we?

Samuel L. Jackson is presenting Best Play.  No surprise, it's War Horse.  I wrote the winner down before he opened the envelope.

Joel Grey is introducing a scene from Anything Goes!!!  It's the best thing I've seen on Broadway since West Side Story.  OMG, you have to see it!  Seriously, if you haven't seen it, call the airlines right now, book a flight to NY, and go see this show!

Sutton Foster is an amazing star! 

It's Vanessa Redgrave and James Earl Jones.  Two legends.  Vanessa always looks lit from within.  

Christie Brinkley is shimmying out on stage, channeling Marilyn Monroe.  She looks beautiful for her, or any, age.  As Kathy Griffin would say, I want the name of her dentist.  

It's NPH and his amazing Company co-stars including Patti LuPone, Stephen Colbert, Martha Plimpton, Christina Hendricks, and on and on.  Did I hear him say it was coming to movie theaters?  I have to look that up. (UPDATE:  I did and it will be shown in various theaters around the country on June 16th at 7:30 PM and June 19th at 12:30 PM). 

Kelsey grammar is here to present Best Revival of a Musical.  It's Anything Goes!!!  Did I tell you it's the best thing I've seen on Broadway since West Side Story?  Well, it is!  Go see it!  

Tyne Daily looks lovely.  It's the death reel.

Harry Potter is looking cute.  He's here to present Best Actress in a play and it goes to Frances McDormand.  She's in a jeans jacket, striped gown, no make-up and stringy hair.  Is she in character?  I get that she's an artist and a free spirit and not into glam, but when you're likely to win a Tony Award, couldn't you at least comb your hair?  She seems moved by the award, though.  

Best Actress in a Musical is Sutton Foster!  Tears!  Emotion, Gratitude!  Her dresser is leaving for Cape Cod!      

Love her, love her talent, love her dress, not crazy about the color. 

It's Martha Wash!  The Tonys gay quotient just exploded!  It's Raining Men and the cast of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert!  It's a crazy, rainbow, glitter explosion and if there are any straight men left watching, they've just turned to the game.

Catherine Zeta Jones.  Now that's how a movie star wears red.  Smashing.  She's presenting Best Actor in a Play to...who?  Mark Rylance in Jerusalem, beating out Brian Bedford for The Importance of Being Earnest.  What an upset!  He's accepting his award and talking about walking through walls.  A few people laugh nervously.  Is he tripping?  (UPDATE:  He was quoting from his favorite poet).

Best Actor in a Musical is Norbert Leo Butz, as expected.  Love him.  

Best Musical is being presented by Chris Rock.  He's joking about how we all know who the winner will be.  I don't think that joke is very fair.  All the nominees deserve their moment in the spotlight.  

He was right.  It's Book of Mormon, of course.  

And the show ends with NPH's amazing rap-recap of the show.  He's a huge talent.  

Good night, Broadway fans!  Until next year!