Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Once a Quitter....

Sarah Palin has abruptly quit her One Nation Bus Tour/Family Vacation half-way through.  A month ago, the press followed her like she was Britney as she dashed from place to place without warning, never issuing a schedule and never staying long.  She insisted that the tour was just a family vacation, not "about me" and not political.  Pay no attention to the giant bus plastered with her pictures and name paid for by her political action committee, and read nothing into the fact that she emerged at every stop in heels, power suit, and TV make-up.  It was just a simple family vacation to reconnect with America's proud history.  She had indicated that the non-political tour would wind its way through Iowa and South Carolina, not because they're politically important because this tour was not about politics.  Iowa and South Carolina are just so gosh darn historical.  Anyway, she never made it to either place.  The Palin clan is back in Alaska.