Wednesday, June 22, 2011


This Friday will see the release of two films, Mehul Kumar's KRANTIVEER: THE REVOLUTION and Pravesh Bhardwaj's MR.SINGH MRS. MEHTA. As can be gauged from their titles, both the films even though releasing simultaneously, belong to two opposite genres.

Mehul Kumar's KRANTIVEER: THE REVOLUTION is a hard hitting socio- political drama whereas Bhardwaj's MR.SINGH MRS.MEHTA is a family drama based on adult relationships. When we compare the two films we see that both are as different as chalk and cheese and this augers well for both as the public can make a choice as to what they wish to see.

However, Mehul Kumar's KRANTIVEER: THE REVOLUTION seems to be holding an edge both in terms of promotion and the fact that the original KRANTIVEER (of which KRANTIVEER.

Krantiveer - The Revolution movie is about the young daughter of the man responsible for the last revolution Pratap Narayan Tilak is now wielding the power of media as a fearless journalist. Roshni has inherited not only the courage and sting of her legendary father but also the spirited lingo and the indomitable style.

The last time around, we rooted out the devils that came from across the seas. Now, the demons are within. And they are more vicious and wicked. We need to fight them with a new force and energy - The youth. They are now ready to act only to stop, when they have achieved their mission to rid the society of evils corruption, anarchy & terrorism.

Director: Mehul Kumar

Producer: Shekher Shetty

Music Director: Sachin, Jigar

Release Date: 25 Jun 2010