Monday, April 19, 2010

Messy Chignon hairstyle for 2010

The chignon has long been a popular choice when it comes to formal hairstyles. As with many fashion trends and classics, people all over the world are creating variations of the original. One such creation is the messy chignon hairstyle, which is easy to achieve.

Lauren Conrad - Messy Chignon hairstyle

To create a messy chignon hairstyle there are a few steps you need to follow. When you have finished washing your hair you should add a bit of styling mousse or sculpture lotion evenly through your hair.

Jessica Alba - Messy Chignon hairstyle

To keep your hair looking healthy and in a good condition you should always use a moisturizing lotion. Dry your hair. Part your hair on the side or in the middle, and brush it back. Arrange it into a low ponytail, and twist it into a bun.

Vanessa Hudgens - Messy Chignon

Secure the bun with pins, preferably those that are the same color as your hair. Take a few pieces and pull them out full length to create the messy look. When you have finished, use hairspray or a small amount of lacquer so that the style can be kept in place.

Jessica Stroup - Chignon messy
A messy chignon hairstyle is a great way to have a funky look while still maintaining the formality, and it only takes minutes.

Messy Chignon hairstyle