Tuesday, April 13, 2010

2010 Spikey Hairstyles for Women

Hairstyle trends have undergone a lot of change over the years. While earlier, most women had long hair, today short hairstyles have gained a lot of popularity because of their versatility and easy maintenance. Short hairstyles do not necessarily make a woman look like a tomboy. There are a lot of choices in short hairstyles, like spikey hairstyles that can make a woman look sexy and chic. In recent years, spikey hairstyles for women have become the latest rage, with celebrities like Sharon Stone and Pink sporting them.

Going from long haircuts to short haircuts is a big step for most women. If you feel that you are tired of being a clone and want to make a statement with your hair, then a spikey hairstyle is the perfect choice. Though make sure that you have the right attitude and confidence to carry off one of the spikey hairstyles for women that you select. The right spikey hairstyle along with proper hair care products can help you maintain a spikey hairstyle that can reduce years from your look.

Spikey Hairstyles For Women

Spikey Bob: The classic bob hairstyle is an evergreen hairstyle that we are all familiar with. A twist on the classic bob is the spikey bob hairstyle. It allows the wearer to have several different looks. To achieve this look, the bob is cut extremely short in the back and accented with with a soft fringed neckline. The uneven cuts at the back and long sides give it an edgy look.


Spikey Layered: If you want to go really short with your hair, then a great choice for spikey hairstyles for women is the spikey layered look. You can create a layering effect at the bottom of the hair while keeping the hair on top long enough to create spikes. This type of hair does not require too much hair care as it is easy to maintain and only requires a little hair gel. The best feature of the hairstyle is that, it not only adds height but also makes the face look a little thinner. This is one of the most popular spikey haircuts for women.


Spikey Pixie: A pixie haircut is a great choice for short spikey hairstyles for women of all ages. If styled rightly, it can make you look years younger. Also, it requires no maintenance and is very versatile as it can be made to look elegant and subtle or dramatic and punk. Layering this style will soften your look while still maintaining it's edge.


Bangs and Highlights: Including bangs or highlights is a great way of softening the medium spikey hairstyles for women. If you have a face shape that isn't compatible with certain short spikey hairstyles, then you can use bangs as they can dramatically change the look of the haircut or give a feminine touch to the hairstyle. Side swept bangs or fringes can create the illusion of reducing a wider forehead of long face shapes or heart face shapes.