Tuesday, April 13, 2010

2010 Hairstyles Trends for Women

Short hairstyles for 2010 will be taking inspiration from the '60s mod bobs and women's short hairstyles will be shorter and cuter, such as short layered cuts with bangs.
Pixie haircuts will continue to be a hit with women who will have the confidence and the delicate features to pull off very short pixie haircuts; think Halle Berry's and Sharon Stone's short haircuts.

Bobs will be more structured with shorter bangs. There will be a tendency to put bangs in the eyes, but there will be shorter bangs also just tracing the brows.
Asymmetry will be also popular style element in the 2010 hairstyles trends, from extreme cut-in effects to layers tucked back on the side.

Bangs and fringes will be still on trend, but we'll move away from such graphic and structured shapes to longer, sexy and eyebrow kissing ones, focusing on achieving natural texture.