Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sonya Tayeh Cool Rock Haircuts For Girls

Sonya Tayeh born in Brooklyn, New York and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Sonya Tayeh is a highly accredited choreographer and teacher. Her repertoire in contemporary funk and progressive contact are the new choreographic styles in the dance world. She has a powerful artistic force and a unparalleled knowledge of dance, which is evident in all of her works. Sonya's pieces have been seen in many competition routines, dance conventions, dance companies, professional shows, and recently on So You Think You Can Dance. With her passionate love of dance, Sonya inspires numerous students, which is her ultimate goal as a teacher. Sonya Tayeh is the future of dance. She is excellence.
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Sonya Tayeh rock haircuts for girls
Sonya Tayeh hair
Sonya Tayeh rock haircuts for girls
Sonya Tayeh rock haircuts for girls