Sunday, May 10, 2009

Some advices before you do a short haircut

picture of cute short haircut
cute short haircut
1. Research – It is always advisable to do some homework on the types of short haircuts that are the trendiest in the market. Consult the magazines, online websites or hair stylists for information.
2. Talent Search – One of the most important things that you should take care of when you go for short haircuts is to find the right person who would be styling your locks.
3. Maintenance – Short hair doesn’t necessarily mean that you can just let go after getting the cut. It needs proper maintenance from time to time.
4. Texture – Understanding the hair texture is very important to know if the hair cut goes well with your hair texture.
5. Face Shape – Proper face shape is needed to carry a short hair cut with élan.
6. Feeling – Apart from the haircut, you can also try the styling products that you get in the market, to give it a unique and edged look.
7. Color – You can experiment with different colors to get a stylish short crop.
8. Tools – With more and more texture molding tools coming into the market like the curling iron, spot perms etc, you can try something new with your hair as well.
9. Small Baby Steps – If you always had long hair and you want to go for short hair, you might be comfortable to it after getting the cut, so it’s better to get it in successive visits.
10. Grooming – Since short hair gives a more prominent picture of your looks, you can groom and adorn your face with styling cosmetic products and accessories, to give off that aura.