Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Best Scene Hairstyles for Scene Kids

The Best Scene Hairstyles for Scene Kids
Scene kids are best identified thru their scene hairstyles. Girls sport black fringe which cover the eyes, just above the eyes or can be hooked to the side. If the hair is hooked to the side, you have to use nice clips and hair grips.
By using lots of hairspray, lift your hair at the back and add up volume and spikes. When your fringe is down, you can have that leopard, camo, polka dot head band in your hair. You can also use bows and ribbons tied up to your hair.
Scene kids usually have jet black or white blonde with bright-color streaks. There is a wide variety of scene hairstyles that you can choose from. The Shy Scene hairstyle is long that covers your face by flowing hair. The Wild Cuts Scene hairstyle has pretty layers which are stacked or teased.
Then, you have Shaggy Scene hairstyle which is done by chopping on an angle. The Androgynous Scene hairstyle fits both male and female and it can be long or short hairstyle. In this type of hairdo, it is hard to identify a boy or a girl.
Both genders have many choices for their scene hairstyles. Black or blonde is the dominant color for scene kids. They have the option to razor in or straighten their hair. Most scene kids are usually seen with neon colors with black, leopard or zebra print obsessed hair.
For scene girls, you can have Scene coontails which come in various shades, length and highlights.
The Best Scene Hairstyles for Scene Kids