Thursday, March 26, 2009

5 Celebrities Sporting Great Scene Hairstyles

5 Celebrities Sporting Great Scene Hairstyles

Many young celebrities are sporting great scene hairstyles nowadays. One of them is Davey Havok, the singer from the punk band AFI, who has been sporting attractive scene hair for a number of years now. His hair became even more scene-stealer over the past few years. He maintained his scene image now from his image few years ago when his hair was at the peak of scene styles.
Davey Havok has decided to cut his hair short again since he has been involved in plenty of hardcore shows. He maybe in touch with his hardcore roots once again.

Conor Oberst from the band Bright Eyes let his hair grew out around the period of Bright Eyes last album release, ‘though he has preferred to cut it since then. He was one of the band members who have been instrumental for the growth of the emo and scene hairstyle in the past decade.

Members of the famous Hollywood Undead screamo/hip-hop band sport the short male scene haircut. They cover their hair either with caps or bandanas.

Oli Sykes of the scene band, Bring Me The Horizon, is one of the most famous celebrities sporting scene hair in the public scene. He is so attractive to the scene girls and scene guys want to imitate his hair.

The former vocalist, Sonny Moore, of the band called From First To Last, had bright scene hair during the period of their album 'Dear Diary and My Teen Angst Has A Bodycount', but he has later grew it out.