Sunday, January 27, 2008

Hair Trends for 2008

In the big cities with a hot hairstylist like Dirly in Beverly Hills prices can easily top $500 for a cut and style. Hair and hairstyle are also some of the most searched keywords on Google and the internet.

So, its obvious that to millions of people it is vitally important to know what is in and what is out. Listed below are four of the hottest and sexiest styles that experts are predicting will rule through 2008 and beyond.

The hairstylists we consulted with had a lot to say and freely gave lots of pointers and interesting tips.

The short business cut.
This style is actually equally popular with both men and women. You can see it on Hillary Clinton, Ellen Degeneres, and the first lady, Mrs. Bush. It is a simple, but elegant and all business hairdo.

It is popular due to the fact that it takes little upkeep to stay in place or quickly fix on a windy day. What you will be seeing as we head into 2008 and beyond is this short do will get shorter and more punk, messy. In some cases it may become almost shaved short.

This variant will be slightly longer on top and coming to almost zero by the ears and back. As the females role in society and business grows so will the seriousness of her hair. Look for a marked increase in short, styled and very tight hairdo's similar in part to many current male hairstyles.

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The shaggy just sexed look.
This look is just catching on and has been popularized on many of the current reality shows and other popular TV programming. This style is obviously longer than the short cut listed above and is purposely styled to look messy, punk and sexy at the same time.

The secret to this style according to one hairstylist is to not wash the hair every day. Washing the hair too often will dry it out and make it lose its natural shape. Hair with proper moisture and oils is healthier and looks better.

Depending on the length of hair desired for this style some stylists recommend using gels and others creams to style it and make it look just sexed. Wash your hair at night and once it's dry, apply your personal hairstyling products.

Then go to sleep, wake up, and go. You may need to fuss with it a little, but this is the style and it is hot. Jonathons new product Dirt works well for this. This is a very under rated style that will become hotter as we head into 2008. Some male models have turned to a shorter version of this style as it is a definite headturner.