Thursday, January 31, 2008

Celebrity Hairstyle

Jennifer Lopez is well know for her thick and shiny locks, but trying one of her hairstyles is easy and can change your entire appearance.

celebrity hairstyle

Jennifer Lopez Hairstyles Classic Look: One of Jennifer’s classic looks involves luscious large curls with the front pinned back. Using curlers in your hair the night before, and then spraying them with hairspray or gel so they can set at night can easily achieve this elegant look.

They work best when the hair is wet, and will leave your hair full of body in the morning. Then grab the front portion of your hair and tease it a little with a comb or brush, and bring it straight back and secure with bobby pins or a clasp of your choice.

celebrity hairstyle

Taming thick and full hair can seem hard, but Jennifer Lopez does it and it looks amazing. After washing or wetting your hair, pull it back into a tight ponytail with the base at the bottom of your head. Then apply mouse or hairspray to keep any baby hairs in place, and add any cute clips or fresh flowers for a little decoration.