Saturday, May 1, 2010

About Social Spark


About Social Spark

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Unlike many other paid to review such SponsoredReviews Blogsvertise Ciao. SocialSpark is a social marketing network that connects advertisers and bloggers on the Internet advertising market. Based on popular topics related to their goals, advertisers or their products on the site. benefit from the other side of the bloggers would make money or to write content that is sponsored by advertisers.

Advertisers can bring more traffic to their site and build a positive public opinion. Therefore, Social Spark is the perfect place to advertise a product or service because it benefits not only for bloggers, but also the advertisers get more profit.

LTI How Social spark ? First, of course, you must register and create an account Sign up for SocialSpark, Code of Ethics please send an e-mail stating that you have been accepted or rejected. But I think almost every person who agrees to be signed in social garden. Then you need the U.S. with a username and password, and add your blog should be linked to your account. "The principle requires 1-2 days for you to find out whether your blog. For whatever reason, refuse Blog Social Spark is incomplete and inconsistent with the requirements of the Social Spark If you are registered, your blog is approved, you can do a lot of ways to make money through blogging .
There are many vacancies in the upper right corner of your blog category. Even if you meet the qualifications and ability to verify, but you need advice on a full investigation by the advertiser. If the advertiser agrees with your job, you get results from your efforts and pay with PayPal. Outside the bloggers get paid to write Social Spark also offers other programs, such as payments for the implementation of FAO's banner on your blog / website. Ads can be pictures, text or video. A blog that their ads are paid per day (paid daily) specified by the manufacturer. For information for your Social Spark send money to PayPal, if you want. You can withdraw your money with the amount according to your request.
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