Monday, February 15, 2010

GearZap Products For Laptops

If you own a laptop and always feel like a jackass because there's always something missing, now you can finally get your hands on those little gadgets that will help to complete your life and make blog posting easier than it ever was.

GearZap offers the cutest little laptop accessories, laptop bag (so now you never have to worry about dropping it too hard), and even a MacBook case for those die hard Mackers out there.

Too often, I take my laptop out with me so that I can post while I get incredibly jittery on Starbuck's coffee only to realize that I forgot to bring something crucial that I needed with me, which is why I sometimes don't post all day.

But now that I have all the laptop accessories I could ever need at a one-stop shop, poking fun at Perez Hilton or featuring a Shirtless Celeb of the Day just got that much easier.

Of course, it's not that my life without these accessories is incomplete, it's just that sometimes, knowing that I have all these little gadgets in my life just makes me feel like I'm 10 times more important than I actually am.

As well, whenever I pull out a certain freaky looking laptop accessory, people sitting around Starbucks tend to think I'm some kind of cyber genius, when in reality, all I really know how to do is press the on button.

But no matter because now I look like a blogger with a purpose and if you know what's good for you, or just want to act like you really, really know what you're doing, and want a great laptop bag to go with, then you should definitely invest in a little accessory or two to up your importance quotient.

So take my advice and get yourself a thing-a-majig or two so that you could feel better about yourself and start posting about the things that really matter. Don't say I never gave you anything.