Monday, January 4, 2010

Perm Hairstyles for Medium Hair - Spiral Perms

Spiral perm hairstyles are all the rage for women who love the ultra-curly look, but before you decide to dash off to the salon, you need to consider the texture and wave pattern of your own hair. This is the most important factor in the results you will see from the perm and if your stylist chooses the right size rods for the process, you will have a spectacular look. On the other hand, if the wrong size rod is used, your hair will look like a disaster when it starts to grow out.

Lovely Curly Hair

The general rule of thumb with spiral perm hairstyles is that the larger the curl pattern is in your natural hair when the hair begins to grow the difference between the perm and the new growth will be less noticeable. For women with super straight hair, using the traditional quarter-inch rods will produce a very tight curl and when the hair begins to grow out there will be a dramatic difference between the perm and the new growth.

If you are looking just to add more fullness to your hair, but not necessarily curls, a body wave is a better choice than spiral perm hairstyles. The spiral perm method produces a particular curly look hairstyle which is much different from a body wave which adds body and volume to the hair and is styled afterwards. If you intend to wear bangs with a spiral perm hairstyle, be sure that your stylist uses the largest rods available