Sunday, December 6, 2009

Winter 2008 Hair Colors and Styles

Winter time is sneaking up on us and that means many different things are about to change. Not only is the weather beginning to change, but the hair colors will also start to change. Like the leaves change on a tree, hair color changes on people. When it comes to winter hair colors, you do not have to choose just one solid color because there are many different colors you will be able to choose. When you are looking for your new hair color, you should make sure it is the color that will give you a completed look and add a bit of perfection.

Winter 2008 Hair Colors and Highlights

The best way to know which color would best suite you would be to know if you are a cool or warm skin tone person. There are many different myths that tell you how you can determine your skin color, but we have the easiest test that you can do all by yourself. This test involves you looking at the under part of your forearm. If your veins are blue in color, then you are a cool tone, if your veins have a greenish color to them, then your skin tone is warm.

If you have blonde hair, then it is time to turn to the ash toners along with those silver undertones. Also, it will not hurt for you to mess around with beige tones. Some women who have a peachy skin tone believe the ash color is to dull on them. If your skin tone is cool, then you should go for the icy blond, ash blond, beige blond or pearl blond. If you are trying to choose out a color by the numbers, then you should look for numbers zero, one or eleven. For the ones who have warm skin tones, the colors would be golden beige blond, golden blond, milkshake or honey. When going by numbers, you would look for number two, three or four.

Winter 2008 Hair Colors and Highlights

For red heads, you will be able to sport the red locks and still look good this winter. If you have red hair, then you should stay our of the blond and copper highlights and keep the color looking strong. Get rid of the copper and orange undertones. For those that have cool skin tones, RR-Red red, Blood red, Magenta, Eggplant and Ruby red would be the way to go. For those who have warm skin tone, copper red, fire red, RC – red copper, Candy red, C-copper or CR – Copper red would be the way to go.