Monday, October 19, 2009

Popular Razored Crop Hairstyle for Men

Wanner get a new trendy short hairstyle? The razored crop hairstyle will places you on the cutting edge. Turn to the razor for a haircut that’s sharp, edgy and modern. This short hairstyle is really cool for men: It’s both elegantly shabby and foppishly put together all at once.

Diego Luna Razored Crop Hairstyle
Popular Razored Crop Hairstyle for Men Because of its spiky, uneven layers, this dashing hairdo establishes a swanky, chic look just beyond the lines of conservative fashion,this short haircut gives you a sharp, confident look.
Razor cutting and slicing techniques eliminate weight from the hair while creating wispy texture at the same time.The high jagged bangs create a window that highlights the eyes, while the lack of height through the top allows this hairstyle to be worn by longer and rounder face shapes alike. Since it’s a modern take on a classic cut, the razored crop pushes the envelope for a more contemporary appearance.

No man's style illustrates this point more than that of Diego Luna. His razored locks are carefully disheveled, creating a professional and dapper image that’s edgy and smart.

How to ask your hair stylist get this cool Razored Crop Hairstyle
You can ask your stylist to leave most of the length on top and some on the sides, then to use a razor to blend it all together, which will create jagged, uneven layers.This is really a perfect hairstyle for young men!