Saturday, September 5, 2009

Scene Hair Tips

If you don't have long hair but still want to get the scene hair style, then no problem; below are some directions you might want to consider:

* -Choppy layers cut into your hair give volume and makes it look more scene like

Girl Scene Hair photo
* -Dye your hair black and incorporate other colours, especially contrasting colours such as pink, bright yellow or electric green or blue. If you want to keep your natural hair colour, then simply get some highlights in contrast with the background hair colour.

* -If you're a boy, use hair gel - you can still use it if you're a girl and want a boy-ish look!

* -Use conditioner whenever you wash your hair to increase the volume

* -If you want to get the long scene hair as in the above video, getting extensions solves the trick!

* -Don't forget to use good quality protection sprays or solutions whenever you straighten your hair.

* -Experiment with your hair and don't forget about the constant