Monday, July 27, 2009

How To Get Scene Kid Hairstyle

While a contemporary term for hipster or bohemian and other insiders of art related movements, scene kids are also associated with listening to screamo, techno, punk rock, indie rock, and hip hop, and other forms of unconventional music. If you want to be a scene kid, here are some suggestions to help you along your way.

scene kids hairstyles

get scene looking hair for scene kids

Get Scene Hair.
Scene hair is usually black or bleached blonde and sometimes has random neon streaks such as pink or green in it, but this is not a must. Its usually very big and puffy at the top, the size of this depending on the length of your layers. There are many variations of scene hair, so feel free to invent your own, but be warned that it may not turn out to be scene in the end. The hair is the most important part of a scene kid: if you don't have the hair, you really have nothing.