Monday, April 13, 2009

Monica Bellucci hairstyles

Monica Bellucci a model turned actress

Monica Belluci is an Italian model who becomes actress after making her career in modeling. She is well known for her role in Matrix. Reloaded and matrix revolutions. Her hair color tone is brown by birth. And her hairs are natural curly and lengthy. She is aware with the fact of how to handle her hair properly.

Monica Bellucci curly hairstyles
To get a great look for a specific event she likes to follow long hairstyles. She doesn’t like to use color on her hair. As she likes her natural colors tone of hair. But due to her professional requirement she applies color on her hairs.

Monica Bellucci long hairstyles
She also tried shoulder length hairstyle. She also follow simple and trouble-free to create style which gave her a silky and straight look. She looks stunning in curly hairstyle and also adds layers all through her hairstyle. With all these hairstyles she looks sexy and sweet.

Monica Bellucci shoulder length hairstyle
Monica Belluci uses her hair in a dramatic way. She likes to try different types of hairstyles. The simple hairstyle which Monica Belluci tried looks fantastic on her. She looks quite sexy and beautiful in her curly hairstyle. To do different haistyling is not difficult but maintain all that is little tough because it requires proper procedures.

Monica Bellucci hairstyles